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C4C Metaverse NFT(LMEC )
Meet Crypto 4 A Cause's Metaverse gatekeepers - digital characters that are linked to a user's non-fungible token (NFT) blockchain security and education. These gatekeepers can be used as avatars in the Metaverse, and you can earn rewards by using them. They're like digital animal-warrior companions with unique abilities in the game and in the Metaverse.
You can mint these gatekeepers at different stages to get extra perks, and they can be used to protect your home, land, or character in Metaverse battles. Fully evolved gatekeepers might even have dual forms with distinct and unique characteristics that apply to both forms.
Choose your gatekeepers wisely and send them to their home jungle world, where they can merge with the blockchain and be revived at prescribed intervals to boost their abilities in both games and the Metaverse. The gatekeepers can also act as data keepers, letting you stake your NFT on the blockchain and use it as a digital safe. You can even wrap your personal tokens in the gatekeepers' NFTs as a way to guard against hacking.
Overall, the Metaverse gatekeepers are designed to be used in a variety of ways - as avatars, protectors, and data keepers - and they can be evolved and enhanced through various in-game and Metaverse activities.
Scam Assaults
Step into the wild and dangerous world of Scam Assaults, where only the strongest and most cunning players will rise to the top! This action-packed meta game is set in a futuristic world where players are always fighting for power and resources. Arm yourself with powerful LMEC NFTs, which act like weapons and give you special abilities and protections as you navigate this treacherous landscape.
But that's not all - Scam Assaults also features exclusive art from the one and only Terrell Willis, owner of AudreyIon and fashion designer extraordinaire. This adds a touch of class and style to the game that you won't find anywhere else. Plus, if you stake your C4C tokens in Brewlabs staking farms, you'll earn even more points to help you dominate the competition.
There are three main player types in Scam Assaults: hunters, trappers, and kings/presidents. Hunters are skilled warriors who have trained and upgraded their NFTs to perfection. They excel in combat and are always looking for ways to improve their status and climb the ranks. Trappers, on the other hand, rely on strategy and deception to outsmart their opponents. They may even team up with other trappers to increase their chances of victory. Both hunters and trappers can also create rogue business factions if they're lucky enough to capture a rogue's NFT. Kings and presidents are the ultimate rulers of this world, with the power to command large territories and levy taxes on other players. These elite players are highly respected and feared, and they're always looking to expand their empires and solidify their positions of power. Both kings and presidents can create missions and businesses, and they may team up with each other to achieve their goals. But beware of the rogue players lurking in the shadows, trying to overthrow the established order and claim their own slice of the pie. These rebels have special NFTs that are self-aware and can wreak havoc if they're treated poorly in the game. They're a constant threat to the established powers, so watch your back! Overall, Scam Assaults is a high-stakes world where players must fight for survival and dominance at every turn. Only the strongest and most cunning will rise to the top, and alliances are constantly shifting as players vie for power. So grab your NFTs and get ready for some intense gameplay - see you on the battlefield!
In a world where virtual reality and blockchain technology have merged, the Crypto 4 A Cause (C4C) project has created a new system of levels and roles for users who own and use LMEC NFTs. These digital gatekeepers provide protection and other benefits in the virtual world.
As a new player in this virtual world, you begin as a neutral, with no NFTs to your name. However, you soon learn that the path to power and success lies in acquiring and upgrading your NFTs. You set your sights on becoming a hunter, and after 30 days of staking your four LMEC NFTs, you are granted the title.
As a hunter, you are tasked with attacking only the highest levels of players: kings, presidents, and other hunters. You team up with other hunters and trappers, using your cunning and strategy to take down your enemies and advance to the next level.
But not everyone in the virtual world plays by the rules. There are those who choose to become rogue players, attacking anyone and everyone in their path. These rogue players have found portals to weapon habitats, where they have acquired custom farmed NFTs to give them an edge in battle. The only way to defeat a rogue is with the help of a king or president, or by separating them from their LIONSMANE NFTS.
As you progress through the levels, you have the opportunity to create and own businesses, earn in-game currency, and even throw events and parties for other community members. But with great power comes great responsibility, and as a king or president, you must defend your kingdom and help your neighboring neutrals if they are under attack.
In the end, it is a constant battle for power and control in the virtual world of the C4C project. Will you rise to the top as a king or president, or will you fall prey to the conniving traps of the trappers and the cunning strategies of the rogues? The choice is yours.